Brand: Mira Dyankova
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Features - Wine Set - Decorated Bottle and Two Glasses - Man Cave  - 60€                                                      Artist: Mira Dyankova

The bottle and dishes can be used and cleaned with water and a towel without the use of abrasive cleaners. Dishwasher washing is not recommended.
Wine set - wine bottle and 2 wine glasses, decorated with modeling self-drying paste, acrylic paints - metallic and decoupage technique. The bottle contains wine, and you can choose the brand of wine.

Product Type
Wine Set - Bottle and 2 Glasses
For storing liquid

Glass, acrylic paint, modeling pasta, final varnish

Techniques Mix Technique - Painting, decoupage, and decorate

Bottle: 29 cm / 9.45 in

Glass: 22 cm / 8.66 in




Bottle of Wine: 0.750 l / 25.36 oz

Glass: 0.470 l / 15.89 oz

60 euro

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