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Features - Wall Panel - Owl - 50.00  £ 

Wall panel Owl is made of :

The part below is decorated with natural wooden bark, painted with acrylic spray.

The base is of extruded polystyrene, cut in the owl shape, painted with effective acrylic pasta and acrylic paints.

The upper part is decorated with rolled newspapers, painted with acrylic paint again.

Product type
Wall panel

extruded polystyrene, natural wooden bark
acrylic spray,  acrylic pasta and acrylic paints

acrylic paints, gluing

5.7 in x 13.4 in  x 1.2 in 

14.5 cm x 34 cm x 3 cm

Gauge of the extruded polystyrene piece: 0.8 in / 2 cm

Lenght of the bark: 7.9 in / 20 cm

Price50 GBP

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