Brand: Penka Markova
Product Code: PenHolder 0001
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Features - Pen Holder - Roses - 15.00€                                                     Artist: Penka Markova

Holder for pencils, chemicals, make-up from a metal box decorated with the decoupage technique. Other materials are varnish, felt and lace. Holder of metal suitable for kitchen utensils or for office accessories - pens, pencils. It`s a metal round box decorated with roses through decoupage technique. Acrylic paints are used. Decorated with brocade, hearts of brocade, tag LOVE and red beads.
Product typePen Holder
Metal, Acrylic paint, brocade

Height: 14 cm / 5.51 in

Circumference: 26 cm / 10.23 in

15 euro

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Tags: Flower, Roses