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Features -  Jewelry Set  - Necklace and Bracelet - White Dark Red - 25 £                                                   Artist:

Set of necklace and bracelet made on an elastic band of transparent beads in white and burgundy. The set is stretchable, without a clasp. It is made of white plastic transparent round beads and rectangular burgundy beads with rounded tips.

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Jewelry Set  - Necklace and Bracelet


White Dark Red


The necklace and the bracelet are elastic, without clasps.

Beads made of:

Size of the white beads: 0.4 in / 1 cm; Round shape

Size of the dark red beads: 1.2/0.6 in - 3 / 1.5 cm

The burgundy beads are rectangular with round edges.



Girt of the necklace: 23.6 in /60 cm

Girt of the bracelet: 7.5 in/ 19 cm


25 GBP

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