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Features - Doll - Tilda - Blue Dress - 65 £                                                      Artist:  Teodora Z

Tilda doll with an original blue dress, height 20 cm.

We are pleased to offer you a beautiful Tilda doll, 20 cm high with a romantic blue dress. It is made of special delicate fabric for dolls. There is also soft hair that you can comb and do hairstyles. Its clothes are made of cotton fabric and can be taken off and put on. And to complete its style, it also has great little sneakers. Our Tilda can stand or sit alone. And for its wonderful companion, there is a little bear. Each doll has a little bear next to it. The accessories for the dolls and their clothes can be removed, the hair is very soft and can be combed.

Each doll comes to you packed in an eco box with a window. If you wish, we can embroider a name on its clothes. It is a great gift for young and old, for collectors, decoration, and connoisseurs.

Product type Doll
Title Tilda
Blue Denim Overall
MaterialCotton, artificial hair
Cloths, shoes, hat, small bear
Size (Height)

20 cm/ 7.85 in

Box for dolls with a window
Price 65 GBP

What is a Tilda doll?

What is a Tilda doll or the fascinating story of the world-famous rag doll? It is imperfect, naive and usually with incorrect anatomical proportions. And yet it is one of the most loved and sought-after toys, which always evokes sweet associations in the hands of every child.

The Tilda doll story dates back to Tone Finnanger, a Norwegian designer who created her fabric brand in 1999. It is the incredible sparkling colours, combinations and different fabric designs that make this brand so famous all over the world. Apart from the fact that the doll has written its name in the history of the best examples of handmade products, Tilda doll fabric is also very popular.

This amazing toy is made of special fabrics, offered by the brand that created it. However, other suitable materials can be used. We will be happy if you find your child's favourite toy in our store in London, UK. Whether she is a Tilda doll or one of her infinite friends. And don't forget that no one is old enough for such fun.

We are all subject to the magic of these toys with a few funny and naive expressions, little curious eyes and cheerful Tilda doll fabrics.

A Wonderful Tilda dolls’ history

The Tilda doll originated with designer Tone Finnanger. It is already a trademark owned by its creator. But in fact, Tilda dolls’ history is really famous for the fact that it is written by so many of their fans around the world. This imperfect toy, with strange shapes and disobeying geometric laws, continues to captivate children and adults. And it has even long since crossed the line of just a toy.

You can now find gorgeous and impressive Tilda doll kits. And in this regard, the imagination of their designers knows no bounds. In all cases, however, it is dressed in fabulous and distinctive patterns, so you can not confuse it with anyone else. You can't go wrong with this unique mix of simplicity, denial of perfection and the right anatomical, geometric shapes. And yet this toy is an example of one of those wonders that captivates us despite, not because.

There are probably no other Tilda dolls for sale in London, UK for which so many styles and sets have been created. Although each is unique, it is as if something unites and connects them. But whatever this mysterious connecting thread is, it is probably at the heart of a successful Tilda dolls history.

Tilda doll fabric - really different

Tilda doll fabric is an invention of designer Tone Finnanger and her brand. The fabric from which the doll is made has a special name and colour range. It is specially designed for these dolls and is characterized by its softness and a delicate touch. That is why it is such a nice feeling when children hug this beautiful doll.

Different yarns are used for the Tilda doll hair so that they correspond to the whole palette - from blonde to black hair. Of course, there are many other hair colours that you can even choose yourself. You have the opportunity to combine them with Tilda doll clothes or to be incomplete contrast with them.

Here you will find a variety of handmade dolls, which you can order from our online store in London, UK. We will be happy to fulfil your wishes if you have specific requirements for the Tilda doll fabric design. Every piece of our items is handmade. That is why we can offer you a personalized Tilda doll so that it meets a particular style or matches great to your interior.

Rediscover the magic of childhood with our wonderful handmade dolls. They will always cause your smiles and return you to the simplicity and beauty of childhood.

Buy a Tilda doll from our store in London, UK

Why buy a Tilda doll from our online store in London, UK? We can give you many reasons, but we think three are the most important. First, we will offer you a wide variety of Tilda doll kits. But, if you wish, you can also participate in the process of creating your personalized doll. You can tell us what design, colours and fabrics you prefer, so we can offer you an even more special Tilda.

The second essential reason to choose us is that we will make you a really irresistible offer for the Tilda doll price.

And the third reason is that we work with proven designers and creators in handmade dolls. And we guarantee that your Tilda doll will not look like any other, because each one is made entirely by hand.

You can see our Тilda doll kits in our online store or tell us how you want your doll to look.

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