Wool Panel

The wool paintings are made by a unique technology!

It was discovered thousands of years ago, quite by accident, according to legend, when the animals left Noah's ark. In the sheepfold, from the fallen and long-trampled wool, a strong and dense carpet had been obtained. Over the centuries, this discovery was refined and developed by various peoples to make carpets, blankets, clothes, shoes, scarves, paintings and ornaments.

Now two types of processing prevail - wet and dry method.

The wet method uses warm water and soap, as well as a lot of hand rubbing to get adhesion between the individual strands.

The dry method differs in that a "needle punching" is done with a special needle with a series of punctures, the necessary colors of wool are inserted into the wool base and the necessary figure is built. For these paintings, natural wool is used, dyed in different colors. The amazing thing about wool threads is that when you mix several colors, you don't get any vague dull color (as would happen with dyes), but a new and beautiful shade appears. In the case of wool paintings, it is not possible to obtain two identical ones - each is unique and depends on the mood and vision of the master, because there is no way to work with a preliminary outline of the model!

Wool Panel – Poppy
Features - Wool Panel - Poppy - 95.00  £              &..
Wool Panel – Vase - Peony
Features - Wool Panel - Vase - Peony - 120.00  £            ..
Wool Panel – Violet
Features - Wool Panel - Violet - 90.00  £              ..
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