We offer you an amazing selection of hand-painted vases

Hand-painted vases are like old love - they are never forgotten and one always returns to them. Whether they are a gift for a loved one or just to admire them at home, they bring all the charm, tenderness and energy together. And since it contains some of the most perfect things in the world - flowers, vases must also be beautiful.

No matter what material you choose - ceramic or glass painted vase, it will always be the centre of attention. That is why you need to very carefully choose the right design, colour, shape to emphasize and accentuate your interior. However, you will certainly not find anything more beautiful than hand-painted vases made by skilled artists. You can also be sure that this is the perfect gift. It is a symbol of living energy and love. And it says much more than words. That is why it is always appropriate to please yourself or someone close to you with a piece of perfection.

Why choose hand-painted glass vases from our online store in London, UK? Because they are one of a kind, with rich sparkling colours and incredibly beautiful. You can also tell us your favourite colours, themes, style and try to create an item especially for you.

Glass vase painting ideas: check with us

When looking for glass vase painting ideas, our online store in London, UK is the right place. We are sure that with us you will find the best gifts for you personally or for your loved ones. And if you do not find what you are looking for among the ready-made items, then we are ready to create it together with you.

Why not give yourself one of our gorgeous painted vase designs, for example? Even if there is no special occasion, but just to bring more beauty and energy into everyday life. Or just to tell people around you how much you love them or send them positive wishes.

You can choose your style from our incredible variety of proposals. If you are looking for flower vase painting ideas, we can delight you with hand-painted flowers that seem to have just been picked. With radiant and bright colours, each of our items has a unique design and brings a unique emotion. And of course, we can't help but mention our hand-painted rose vases, because Her Royal Highness the rose never goes unnoticed.

And because we know that beauty will save the world, we have prepared much more for you. We invite you to visit our section with specially selected vintage hand-painted vases to enjoy the romantic and a little retro look nowadays. Because, you know, there are things that will always be in fashion.

If all this is not enough for you, contact us. We will try to recreate your own glass vase painting ideas.

The classic hand-painted flower vase

A hand-painted flower vase is one of those classic things in our lives that doesn't change. It is both traditional and modern, ethereal and impressive. Apart from its unique charm and the energy it brings, it has another great advantage. It is always suitable as a gift, regardless of the occasion and the person.

And as we believe that there is no one who does not like painted glass vases, we offer you a huge and wonderful collection of them in our online store in London, UK. Because beauty is never too much. And we have gathered so much of it in one place.

You can choose according to your taste and style among our simple flower vase painting designs or why not complex abstract shapes? To help you choose, we will tell you that handmade products are not only seen with the eyes but also perceived on an emotional and energetic level. They carry an exceptional charge because they are made with living energy. Whether it is a handmade flower vase glass painting or a picture, it will always carry a different spark from mass production. And we are happy to be able to offer you the best works of some of the best artists.

If you are looking for a handmade painted glass vase, then we have gathered one of the richest collections in one place. Just choose with your eyes and heart your favourite among them. In this way, you can not make a mistake in your choice and the right one will appear in front of you.

Painting glass vases with acrylic paint is a temptation

Painting glass vases with acrylic paint always tempts both the artists and the audience. With their wide application and beauty, acrylic paints are preferred for all kinds of products. In addition, in the hands of an experienced and talented artist, these paints can turn any Cinderella into a Princess. However, if you have seen how exquisite acrylic paints look on glass, you will surely choose them for your hand-painted vase.

Acrylic paints have their own specifics and technology, which, if well known, can create masterpieces. Glass is a more specific material, so it is a real challenge to work with this type of paint on it. For example, the fact that after their application acrylic paints become transparent in combination with the transparency of the glass makes them indispensable in abstract vase painting. The multi-layered application of the paint contrasts sharply with the delicacy of the glass. The result is a real play of colours, lights and shadows.

In our online store in London, UK we offer you our unique collection of hand-painted vases. We believe that we can offer the right item for each of our customers, regardless of the preferred style or design. In addition to acrylic paint on glass vases, you can also find hand-painted vases with other colours and techniques. Each product we offer is created by hand by an experienced artist. That is why each of our items is unique in itself, and you will not find a second similar one. No one can repeat the beauty of handmade.

Buy a hand-painted vase from London, UK

We can give you many reasons to buy a hand-painted vase. And we can also tell you why to do it from our store. Choosing a handmade item shows that you have taste and style. It is the most wonderful gift you will never go wrong with.

And why buy a hand-painted vase from us? First of all, we have great products to present to you. They are works of art. Secondly, we can offer you a variety of their designs. Whether you are looking for simple vase painting designs or something really complex and abstract, we have it or will create it for you. And last but not least, you will always find special offers for painted glass vase prices.

We will be happy to choose our products when you are looking for quality, beauty and emotion in one item. Because we connect our customers and our products through the emotion and energy of handmade.

 Vase - Lace and Rope
1. Features - Jar - Vase - Lace and Rope - 16.99 £          ..
 Vase - Pine Bark
Features - Jar - Vase - Pine Bark - 17.50 £            ..
 Vase - Roses
Features - Jar - Vase - Roses - 25 £              ..
Decoupage Bottle - The Rose Bush
Features - Decoupage Bottle - The Rose Bush - 20 £           &nbs..
Decoupage Bottle - Vase - Nostalgy
Features - Decoupage Bottle - Vase - Nostalgia - 24 £           &..
Decoupage Jar - Vase
Features - Jar - Vase - 23 £                 ..
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