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Features - Art Installation - Arbour - 70 £                                                      Artist:

Handmade gazebo made of wooden sticks. Large ice cream sticks were used for the roof, and matches for the lower part of the pavilion. There are artificial flowers and grasses around it, as well as a bench. For the material are used small wooden ice cream sticks and matches - bought from a store, skewers, decorative grasses. Technique - The wooden sticks are glued with warm transparent silicone glue. The top on which the windmill sits is made of cut cardboard, on which is glued green paper with C200 glue.  The wooden skewers were put between the holes in the box  for better strength.

Product Type
Art Installation
For Decoration

Wooden sticks, matches, cardboard

silicone glue, decorations

Techniques Gluing, Decorations

25.5 cm x 36 cm x 30 cm

10.4 in x 14,17 in x 11,81 in


70 GBP

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